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Welcome to my site!

Presumably you are here to learn a little more about me or my new book, 'In and Out of Time' - so I'll start with me.
I wear many hats, but basically I consider myself a writer. I live with my husband in the beautiful Tweed Valley you see featured in this photograph. A steamy, verdant place, rich with life.

My first career was as an actress/producer/director in a travelling theatre company. I basically missed the ’80s, wandering over the globe performing for schools and community groups. It was a rich choice. I fell in love with the power and the beauty of artfully chosen words. 


From performance, I moved on to writing plays for the theatre, and from there to film scripts.  Finally my excitement shifted to prose. ‘In and Out of Time’ is my first completed novel. It is a fantasy/mystery/thriller. I adore mysteries, especially if there is a supernatural element, and I like to keep the tension up. 

Thank you for stopping by here. I truly appreciate it. With self publishing options rapidly overtaking traditional publishing, it's important for an author to create a space in which to connect to a wider audience.

Thank you for joining me in mine.

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by Jini Liljeqvist

How can you save someone when they are already dead?


Beth O’Malley desperately needs the answer to this question. Not a question an ordinary teenager has to grapple with – but then, Beth O’Malley is not an ordinary teen.  She has a unique gift: From the age of six, instead of • just looking at a photograph she can enter it, emerging invisibly at the exact moment the photograph was taken. An amazing ability – but one she must keep secret.

With only a science geek with secrets to guide her on her unique path, she enters famous photographs linked to unsolved conspiracies, in a private game to solve them.

Until her gift begins to change.

With no explanation, Beth starts becoming visible on her travels into photographs. No longer an unseen, unobtrusive observer; she risks changing time if she enters a photograph. An acceptable risk, if lives can be saved – but one with profound consequences.


 ‘In and Out of Time’ is a fantasy mystery thriller exploring obsession, loss, acceptance and courage.  Not just a quest for justice, it is also a gentle tale of love between a girl and a boy, and a mother and a daughter.


"I absolutely loved reading your book! So refreshing to read something so original. Hope to read many more from you." 


"Totally engaging, the character development is very good and the plot really keeps you guessing. I loved it."

' Kept Puling me forward. Like the main character, I was trying to piece together a timeline and narrative from pieces of information and misinformation. The fantasy elements augmented the reality and humanity of the characters - I loved it!'


'The term "page-turner" was truly true here. Also enthralling, nose-in-the-book, and can't put down. I think I also breathed and partially lived it too. Jini, you created a world that was real, and palpable. Light and shadow, black and white were my main colors. Suspense was high and peaking from dark doorways and the edge of picture frames were my perspectives. I recommend this book, In And Out of Time, by Jini Lilleqvist. Read it before time is gone and chances expired.' 

'I just read your book - and LOVED it. I was gripped by the plot. So clever, weaving in and out and then the reveal at the end.'


' Amazingly gripping. I loved this book, there wasn't a dull moment. I would happily read this book again and again. The whole story line kept me on the edge of my seat, disappointed when I reached the end, because I wasn't wanting it to end. Such an easy and great read. Highly recommend!'

To purchase a paperback version of In and Out of Time, Australian customers can contact me directly for free postage!

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I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and on the cultures they interact with. Our stories not only express our culture - they shape it - and I love to be a part of that shaping.
As a reader and a writer I am  curious and empathetic. I like nothing better than losing myself in another life, another place - delving into a well crafted mystery and getting to know a rich range of characters. Fantasy is a particular fascination of mine. I delight in the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘whys’ as well as the 'hows', and always want to stretch beyond what can be seen. Sometimes I feel that established realities can only be truly understood when they are tipped on their heads or bent a little.


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“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
— C. S. Lewis

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